June 9, 2024

What’s the best desk that can adapt in height by a motor? There are various reasons why a height-adjustable desk comes in handy. Primarily if you work at home, it’s much healthier if you switch between sitting and standing.

Luckily, the desks in this specific article can rise to a standing position with a click of a button. Enabling you the freedom to spend some of your workdays sitting and some standing is significantly healthier. After comprehensive research and reviews, we formulated a set of the ten best height adjustable desks under $500. Each is motorized and permits standing or sitting!

List of best standing desks under $500


If you like a sizable work surface, be it for multiple monitors, drawing, or outfitting your desk with a robust assortment of your chosen pens, pencils, highlights, scissors and bobbleheads, this Flexispot 47-Inch Standing Desk supplies the perfect breadth of space for someone who likes to spread out. Easy to lower and rise with just one hand, this standing desk features a quick release keyboard tray so that you aren’t further sacrificing space for your keyboard. In addition, it has a variety of height options which means you can utilize it while sitting or carry it to your ideal standing height no matter how tall you are.


While this option certainly has the keyboard tray that these product even offers, but sets itself apart by sitting on top of your existing desk which makes it perfect for the ones that don’t work from your home and instead work in a fully furnished professional office environment. The built-in gas spring hovering system allows you to use this standing desk as a posture-improving monitor raiser whilst you’re sitting or raise to your selected height for a change of pace while you stand.

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If you’re the type that doesn’t prefer to the routine of working in the same spot within your house or office every single day, this mobile standing desk is best option for you. It’s on wheels to be able to work by the window 1 day, in the living area another day and anywhere else the mood takes you. Once you find a place you like, you can use the dual locking braces to keep your desk in place. At 32 inches in work space, this can be a perfect compact option for someone with just one computer monitor.


If you like a straight forward design aesthetic to your projects space, this adjustable desk is simply perfect for you. They have a broad, light colored table top and boast the convenience of a fully motorized Electric Lift System that will remember your height preferences when you shift from utilizing it from a sitting desk to using it as a standing desk. The conveniently located grommets allow you to conveniently hide, secure and organize your cords so they’re never in the way. The professional strength legs lasts you through many years of adjusting your desk height.