November 24, 2023

Do you realize there are several health great things about a spa? From reducing stress to rejuvenating skin and hair, your Royal Spa can do everything!

You love your spa in many ways, from relaxation to entertainment. It’s there for you if you want to relax after an extended day at work so when you and your friends want to kick back and go out. It’s nice to learn it’s also useful to improve your wellbeing.

Listed below are 5 ways soaking in a hot tubs can improve your health:

1. Reduces Stress
Prolonged stress can result in chronic disease and ailments. Don’t let a string of bad days turn into a duration of pain and sickness. Use your Royal Spa to beat the strain!

The hot water and jets work as promised on tense muscles to melt your stress away. Make sure you find the preferred spot in the spa and use the jets to target pain points.

2. Improves Sleep
Sleep is invaluable as it pertains to remaining healthy. Do you realize soaking in your spa can improve sleep?

A poll from the National Sleep Foundation demonstrates 132 million Americans have problems with sleep disruption more often than once a week, which number is increasing.

Studies suggest that soaking in a spa at a regular temperature before bedtime can ease the transition into a deeper sleep. This likely happens due to an interior temperature shift when the body’s core temperature drops after leaving water and signals it’s time to hit the sack.

3. Relieves Arthritis Pain
Approximately 43 million people in the United States suffer from some type of arthritis pain. The good thing for those afflicted is that we now have effective and safe ways to both minimize the discomfort and stop further damage.

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According to a publication from The Arthritis Foundation, Spas, Pools, and Arthritis, “Regular sessions in your spa help keep joints moving. This restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage.

Exercise can also improve a person’s coordination, endurance, and ability to execute daily tasks, and can result in an improved sense of self-esteem and accomplishment.

Want the best of both worlds? Try these hot tub exercises to increase your relief and maintenance of your arthritis.

4. Improves Circulation
Soaking in a spa helps to slightly increase your heart rate and increase your body temperature, which improves circulation during your body.

Many people have problems with poor circulation, but this is a straightforward way to improve it if done consistently.

5. Rejuvenates skin and hair
Everyone wants beautiful hair and skin, right? Of course!
The warm water in a spa causes perspiration, which can frequently be enough to help your body rid itself of toxins that damage skin. Time spent in a hot tub can also improve hair by reducing oil production. Find out more about how exactly a spa can rejuvenate skin and hair in this helpful article from HealthGuidance.