November 18, 2023

The particular LEED Green Relate credential designates those who have a recorded, up-to-date understanding of a whole new green building principles and practices.

LEED Green Associate is the introductory-level credential under the Leadership in Vitality & Environmental Style (LEED) program, and is awarded by the U. S. Green Building Authorities after passing the credentialing exam. This credential demonstrates a general understanding of each of the LEED score systems and related green design strategies.

It is also the first step before earning advanced credentials such as the LEED AP with specialty.

Listed below are a few tips that will guide you on how to pass the LEED Green Associate Exam in 2020-21

1) Most of the questions in the LEED Green Associate exam require applied and critical thinking, so it is extremely important to have a thorough comprehension of concepts instead of just memorizing.

  1. Browse the exam papers carefully, and then read it again. Likewise, check and recheck your entire responses. Use the ‘Mark’ button to flag questions you don’t feel sure about. Given that you get 2 hours to complete 100 questions, you can always return to the ‘marked’ questions after you’re done with the rest.
  2. Also, often the LEED Green Relate exam will endeavour to trick you by sneaking in an important word like “not” or “isn’t”. Study each question carefully so you don’t misunderstand them.
  3. It is definitely smart to have a look at the Eco-friendly Associate handbook found on the GBCI website. The handbook will tell you important information by what is covered in the exam, as well as test taking policies. In addition to then, of course, you have the GBRI to help you with the analysis materials. Learn more from this site, LEED Exam Prep
  4. You can never take enough practice checks. Take plenty of them (and more!) to ensure you have a good idea of the actual test content. And they also teach you to slow down and read much more carefully.
  5. This is very important to memorize all numbers related to Minimum Program Needs (MPRs).
  6. An individual should have complex familiarity with the four ASHRAE standards used in LEED- ASHRAE 90. 1 – Energy
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o          ASHRAE fifty five – Thermal Comfort

o          ASHRAE 52. 2 – Air Filtration systems

o          ASHRAE 62. 1 – Venting

  1. When you feel there is more than one right answer to a particular multiple choice question, go with the ‘best’ answer. For example, employing a concept that reduces carbon exhausts will be a better answer than the the one which promotes the local economy or saves water.
  2. Know the difference between a task that is LEED Certified and a LEED certified project. If you use a money “C” in Qualified, it refers to a project that has met all MPRs, Prerequisites, and it has earned between 40-49 LEED credits. Making use of the lowercase “c” in certified means task management could have gained any accreditation stage (Certified, Silver, Rare metal, or Platinum).
  3. Prior to starting the two-hour exam, you get ten minutes to familiarize yourself with the screening controls together with a scrap paper and a pen. Take those treasured ten minutes to recall all the concepts/numbers you’ve memorized. Make a list of the ones you are worried about getting baffled on during your exam.

Please take note that the USGBC has a pool of 1000+ questions out that they frame their 100-question exams, so no two exams will look the same. The USGBC would not share its data source of questions with anyone. You are required to report 170 out of 200 points so as to pass the LEED Green Relate Exam and will receive the results at the test center immediately next the test.

Thus all the best for your LEED Green Associate exam! We are optimistic that with the right quantity of will, effort and guidance, you will be able to with flying colors be to do your bit to make this world a much better spot to live in!

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